自動車内外装のトータルサプライヤー 林テレンプ株式会社から分離独立した商事部門・林物産株式会社です

産業資材事業部(Industrial Materials Unit)

取扱商品/Main Product Line

重要なのは、ニーズを満たし、かつ安全なオートモーティブ・マテリアルであること。(The important thing is to meet the needs and safe automotive materials.)


Wide product line ranging from synthetic resin to fiber materials.


As an agent of major petrochemical manufacturers, we’re not only providing widely ranged synthetic resin, additive and adhesive such as general-purpose resin, engineering plastic and PVC-Compound, but also injection molded parts and extrusion molded parts. Meanwhile we always respond to the demands of import items and recycled items. Moreover, we’re dealing in a variety of materials such as filament/staple made of PP, PET, nylon and fi ber materials like non-woven fabric.


An introduction to optimal raw material by experts ofautomotive interior materials.


We provide you proposals for all kinds of raw materials to be used in automotive interior parts on the basis of strict quality control system being developed in automotive industry, with appearance, touch, safety, weight, formability, cost and so on. Our highly experienced staffs will introduce better raw materials for you according to your special needs. And we’re always trying to expand our business newly into nonautomotive fields by utilizing the quality control know-how.


Functional resins that won’t put burden on environment according to demands of the times.


We always endeavor to master the knowledge and train specialists so that the best advice will be available for the troubles caused by raw materials during automotive interior parts manufacturing. For example, We also deal in the resin additives into PE,PP,etc which makes reducing the CO2 generated during incinerating and makes lighting volume of product by improving strength. Or we can provide proposals for functional materials such as catchers of adsorptive nonwoven fabric or coating type using for VOC remove. Moreover we’re performing measures considering health and earth environment, such as the proposal of reducing environmentally harmful substances by using bioplastic or biofi ber of vegetable origin.

取扱商品(Main Product Line)

Synthetic Resin


LDPE, L-LDPE, EVA, HDPE, PP, ABS, PMMA, PC, PA, POM, PBT, PPS, PVC-Compound, Various Master Batches

Synthetic Resin Product

射出成形品、中空成形品、真空成形品、押出し成形品、直圧成形品、 発泡成形品

Injection Molding Product, Blow Molding Product, Vacuum FormingProduct, Extrusion Molding Product, Press Molding Product, Expanison Forming Product

Resin additives


Various additives

Synthetic Rubber




ホットメルトフィルムタイプ、ホットメルト樹脂タイプ、 エマルジョンタイプ、溶剤タイプ、瞬間接着剤

Hot Melt Film-type, Hot Melt Resin-type, Emulsion-type, Solvent-type, Superglue


PPフィラメント、PETフィラメント、ナイロンフィラメント、 PPステープル、PETステープル

PP-Filament, PET-Filament, Nylon-Filament, PP-Staple, PET-Staple

繊維製品 Textile Product

スパンボンド不織布、ニードルパンチ不織布、VOC吸着用不織布、植毛パイル、細幅織物テープ、  レザー、帆布、綿布、伸縮ネット、車両用マット、内装用マットフェルト、ガラスウール、 面ファスナー、スライドファスナー

Spun Bounded Non-Woven Fabric, Needle Punched Non-Woven Fabric, VOC-Absorbed Non-Woven Fabric, Flocking-Pile, Narrow Fabric Tape, PVC-Leather Cloth, Canvas, Cotton Fabic, Glass Wool, Face-Fastener, Slide-Fastener

物流・梱包資材 Distribution.Packing Material


PE Bag, PE Sheet, Multilayer Film, Shrinkage Film, Bubble Buff er Material, Plastic Container, Foamed Bead, FlexibleContainer

その他 Other

静電防止剤、VOC吸着剤、テフロンテープ、ウレタン原液、各種離型剤、シリコーン、キャスター、ホック・クリップ類、ハードボード 等

Antistatic Material, VOC-Absorbed Material, Tefl on-Tape, Urethan Solution, Mold-Release Agent, Silicone, Caster, Hook.Clip, Hard Board, ETC.